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About Kyoto City



About 1.5 million .   City Area 1.2 million


Winter About 0C , ( 33F ) 
Summer About 40C  ( 100F ) 
and very humid

No. of temples and shrines 

We have been told more than 2,000

National and Public Universities 

7 ( 2 Nationals ) 

Private Universities  





About 60 million people for one year
About more than 10 million people  
from outside of Japan . 

Top tourist spot 

KiYoMiZu Temple, 
27 million people for one year .
Admission fee is 300 yen .

The most crowded tour spot 

Fushimi Inari Shrine , 1,000 Torii Gate .
About 3 million people for the first 3 day
of JAN .  Free admission .

The price of rental bicycle 

Starting from 700 yen for one day

Back Packers Hotel or Guest house  

Starting from about 3,000 yen

Hotels and Ryokans 

Starting from 8,000 yen up to unlimited

The newest Hotel 

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Kyoto
Four Seasons Hotel will show up in 2016 .

Bus Fare 

230 yen for one time ride.
500 yen for one day pass.( Recommended !!!)


2( city line )  and 2 ( private line)


Starting from 100 yen at the supermarket

Vegetarian Restaurant 

You better ask at the restaurant .

HALAL Restaurant 

There are many HALAL restaurants which show HALAL Mark .


There is 1 MOSK .

Cherry Blossom season 

About From end of the March 
for 1 or 2 weeks

New Green 

About From the beginning of May

Red Leaf season 

About In the November

This picture shows how long it takes from each tour spot to another by taking taxi in minute


Some Informations:   


"KYO -TO" means capital city. KYOTO was the capital city for 1250 years about 150 years ago .

"TOU-KYO-TO" means eastern capital city . 
New Government moved the capital to the east from the west.

"TOU" means the east in "OnYomi" pronunciation.
"HIGASHI" is also same meaning but in "Kun Yomi" pronunciation .

" Yomi " means reading .

" On Yomi " is alike a Chinese pronunciation .
" Kun Yomi" is an original pronunciation of Ancient Japanese people.

So that in Japanese , there are 2 pronunciations in one character.

At beginning of ancient Japan , People had a dialogue in " Kun Yomi " pronunciation.
About 5th Century , Buddhism had arrived into this Japan Island and new people had arrived also.  They had Chinese characters and Chinese pronunciation which is
"On Yomi" pronunciation.

Soon or later those are merged into one language .


Elementary School start 7 to 12.  ( Duty and Free )
Junior High School start 13 to 15.  ( Duty and Free )
High School 16 to 18 ( Not Duty and Not Free )

School normally starts 8:30AM to 3:00PM

Students normally go to many kind of after school .
Piano lesson, Swimming lesson. Math class and many others.

There is not normally an English native speaker in school
so that English class normally become reading and writing only .

So that students normally can not listen a native English pronunciation
which means students do not have any listening capability.

Many students seem like almost under hard of hearing that is why
Japanese people have difficulty to talk in English .

Summer vacation starts normally from 21st of July to 31st of August
Winter vacation starts normally from 24th of December to 7th of January
Spring vacation starts normally from 24th of March to 7th of April .

There is not any janitor in school .
All of student must clean up their school and class room.

Transportation in KYOTO

When if you have to save time then you better use a TAXI which is the cheapest fare in JAPAN.

BUS is cheap but takes a lot of time . It takes about double compare with taxi.

from KANSAI International Airport to KYOTO .

Distance is about 110km

(The size of this pic is 1024px)

By Train :

There are 2 choices . 

One : Taking JR Line named " Haruka " . This train is express
It takes about 2 hours to get Kyoto including waiting time .

Two  :Taking Local lines.
It takes about 3 hours to get Kyoto including waiting time .

By Bus :  

You can take a bus which is running every hours . 

Bus takes about 2 hours to get Kyoto station or some hotels 
including waiting time .

By Taxi : 

Its takes about 1.5 hour to your place. 

By Shuttle Taxi : 

Need a prior reservation .

They take you to the where you pointed . 3500 yen for one person .

If you are more than 4 people and had big languages then
you have a chance for  named " Yuttari Plan" Shuttle taxi. 

It is 25,000 yen for one mini Van taxi which can be managed up to 9 people and takes you at where you pointed.

YASAKA Airport Shuttle:

This takes about 1.5 hours to your place including waiting time .

By foot :

No way . It will take for 2 days at least . 110km !!!

By Helicopter: 

You better ask your agent.
There was a landing spot at east side of Kyoto.

This takes about 30 minutes flight time to get Kyoto  .


There are some  HALAL restaurants .

(This pis is 1440px)


Going to "Osaka" 

It takes about for 1 hour by JR, Hankyu,Keihan and Kintetsu .

Distance is about 40km to South West facing Osaka Bay.

Going to "Nara"

It takes about for 1 hour by JR and Kintetsu railway . 

Distance is about 40km to South facing Mt.KOUYA  .

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